Boogieman Management Oy

Boogieman Management Oy is a Finnish rock music company founded in 2015.
The main goal of the company is to provide management services for the band Temple Balls.

Boogieman Management is specialized in working closely with the band,
which allows for an in-depth and focused collaboration with the band and long-term partners.

Boogieman Management offers a wide range of services for Temple Balls.
These include music contract negotiations and solutions, record release management, gigs and concerts,
as well as the management of the band’s music and musicians.
planning, marketing and coordination of tours and festival appearances.

One of Boogieman Management Ltd’s key objectives is to promote the international presence of Temple Balls.

The company aims to create opportunities for the band to grow and succeed internationally, The professional team at Boogieman Management Ltd is therefore strongly committed to the success of Temple Balls.


The Scandinavian, European, Japanese and US markets are particularly important export markets,
where Boogieman Management aims to open doors for the band.

This includes contract negotiations, marketing activities and the organisation of performance opportunities in these markets.

Temple Balls management has done a commendable job in creating international success with the band. The band’s fourth album Avalanche
is expected to bring even greater international success in 2024.

Both Boogieman Management and Temple Balls have been very pleased with the successful collaboration.
Their close cooperation has yielded good results and continuously developed the band’s career.

This shows the commitment and professionalism of both parties. It bodes well for Temple Balls’ success and international breakthrough.



Boogieman Management Oy
Metsänvartijantie 9 A 6
90420 Oulu – Finland
VAT: FI27244689
Elmo Harju
Production Manager
+358 400 508 005